Structural Engineering

UHS Vestal steel skeleton croppedStructural building design is our art and our science, our passion and our purpose. Structural engineering has been our core discipline since the inception of our company. In the decades since then, we have expanded our related services to address the diverse requirements of our clients and the challenges posed by the evolving nature of the built environment.

We design building structures and foundations, but we also do much more. We have conducted countless building assessments and designed as many rehabilitation projects for structures, facades, foundations, and roofs. Our work in these areas has enhanced our abilities as designers of new building construction and renovations.

As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, our firm is committed to the principles and the practices of sustainable design of constructed facilities. We have specific areas of expertise in several LEED design categories.

Scope of Services

Structural Design of New Buildings and Additions

We provide full Structural Engineer of Record services for all types of buildings, including steel, masonry, wood, concrete, SIPs, and ICFs, from conceptual schemes through design and project completion. We are fully Revit capable.

Structural Analysis and Design of Building Renovations

Our services include: comparative seismic analyses; review for changes to building occupancy type; structural modifications to floors, roofs, walls, and columns; and floor vibration improvements. We perform structural renovation of both historic and contemporary buildings.

Structural Design of Other Structures

These include: photovoltaic arrays (both rooftop and stand-alone); signs; mechanical supports; crane supports and industrial systems design; retaining walls; and foundations for wind turbines and other tower structures.

Structural Analysis, Review, and Reinforcing of Roofs

For roofs subject to snowdrift loading from higher elements, especially after insulation or air barrier improvements, we have experience with a variety of practical options to supplement roof load capacity, as needed.

Structural Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings

Our staff has performed assessment of more than 10 million square feet of building of all types, focusing on identifying potentially significant structural problems, and developing practical schemes to address the conditions we identify.

Structural Load Capacity Analysis and Load Testing

Whether or not existing drawings are available, we employ techniques to assess floor and roof load capacity, using our knowledge of a wide variety of existing structural systems and analysis techniques, including 3D computer analysis.

Foundation Design for New Buildings and Additions

Working with the subgrade condition, we can design conventional spread footings, as well as piles, caissons, augured piles, resistance and helical piles, minipiles, mat foundations, and frost-protected shallow foundations.

Additional services include:

  • Foundation Analysis and Reinforcing
  • Design Delegation and Review of Delegated Components
  • Parking Garage Review and Rehabilitation
  • Steam Vault Design and Rehabilitation
  • Structural Code Review of Project Documents
  • Structural Failure and Loss Reviews
  • Building Forensics (including expert services for legal counsel)
  • Infrared Thermal Building Review

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